Dr Stephan Schönlau playing the piano
Dr. Stephan Schönlau

Are you looking for specialist music theory lessons?

I can help.

Dr Stephan Schönlau playing the piano
I offer
1-to-1 music theory lessons and aural skills via Zoom or Skype, so you can take classes from anywhere in the world!
I teach in English and German.
I am
Visiting Professor in Music Theory at the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden and also lecture at the Universität der Künste Berlin. I can give you a competitive advantage in the entrance exams!
I have
A PhD in Music from the University of Manchester (UK) and ten years’ experience in teaching students from around the world.

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What my students and colleagues say.

Taras Demchyshyn
Chief conductor, Beethoven Sinfonietta
“As a conductor, I need to have a profound understanding of the music I conduct. Dr. Stephan Schönlau is the perfect teacher for harmony, analysis, solfeggio and composition as well as a wonderful person. I regularly ask Stephan for help and highly recommend his services.”
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schäfertöns
Rector of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock, previously Dean of the Faculty of Music, University of the Arts Berlin
“I really welcome the initiative of my colleague Dr. Schönlau to create an online offer for music theory skills that addresses students preparing for an entrance exam at a conservatoire. He is an expert in this context, and the idea to help applicants – all over the world – individually via internet is most useful and modern.”
Prof. Dr. Antonio Chemotti
Assistant Professor, Department of Musicology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
“For Stephan, music theory is no limbo of eternal rules devoid of history, but a place of contradiction and historical change. He is the perfect coach for those who seek historically-informed answers to music theory questions. As historical musicologist, I can utilise his advice in a multitude of ways and I regularly approach him to alleviate my music theory ailments.”