Terms and Conditions

1. Payment

1.1. The amount charged per coaching session is agreed beforehand and confirmed via e-mail. Prices given on the website are indicative only and are subject to change according to specific requirements.

1.2. The agreed amount is to be paid in advance of the respective session, either via PayPal or bank transfer, the specific method of payment having been agreed beforehand. If the amount does not arrive to the PayPal or bank account in time for the session, the client is required to send proof of payment in the form of a screenshot or similar documentation.

1.3. The client may choose to pay for several future sessions at once after consulting the coach. A discount may be available if several sessions are paid in advance.

1.4. Separate terms and conditions may apply to special offers.

2. Online coaching sessions

2.1. The date and time of each session is agreed verbally or via e-mail, as is the specific online platform to be used (for example Zoom, Skype, WebEx).

2.2. The link for the specific meeting will be sent by the coach to the client’s e-mail address just before the agreed starting time.

2.3. By agreeing to a date and time, the client commits to

2.3.1. Paying the required amount before the time and providing proof of payment if necessary (see 1.2);

2.3.2. Checking his or her e-mail just before the agreed starting time to retrieve the necessary link;

2.3.3. Entering the online meeting on time.

2.4. The client can cancel a session or ask for an alternative date and time up to 24 hours before the agreed time free of charge.

2.5. The client can cancel a session or ask for an alternative date and time up to 12 hours before the agreed time and receive a 50% reduction for the next agreed session.

2.6. If the client cancels less than 12 hours before the agreed time, the full amount will be charged regardless.

2.7. If the client does not enter the online meeting within the first 20 minutes of the agreed starting time, the coach reserves the right to end the meeting and charge the full amount.

2.8. The coach can cancel a session and suggest alternative dates and times at any time. Should the payment have already been sent, this amount will pay for the next session; alternatively, the client may request a full refund excluding any transfer fees.

2.9. Material given to the client by the coach is for personal use only. The client is not to share any material with third parties.